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“Newsroom ISO programmers” gaining online buzz – Joe Murphy

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“Newsroom ISO programmers” gaining online buzz

There’s been a stream of posts this week about the “newsroom-programmer” connection. You could say it culminated today with Holovaty’s “work with me at the Washington Post” post. Then there’s Mark Glaser’s state-of-the-geek-in-the-newsroom post. Then there’s all the discussion around those posts.

In the spirit of inclusion, I’d like to invite folk in the Denver / Boulder / Colorado area who are interested in building web apps with newspaper data and with public data to work with me.

Here’s what you would be doing:

  • Building new ways to handle newspaper content online.
  • Finding and harnessing public data, giving it context, making it interesting. (Some public data will be provided from the newsroom as well)
  • Building tools to involve the community in, well, the community in interesting, meaningful and meaningless ways.
  • Building tools to help the newsroom use and publish information more effectively.

Here’s what I’m looking for:

  • Experience programming with Python (know Django? that’s a plus).
  • Interest in doing cool stuff.
  • Database design understanding / experience.
  • Knowing why semantic HTML matters is a plus.
  • Knowing how CSS fits into the picture is another plus.

Is this position paid? If you consider gratitude and interesting stories payment, then yes it is paid. I’m sorry, this is the attitude that most news execs have toward their online newsrooms, I’m just passing it along… seriously, the tongue is 20% of the way in the cheek. If you freelance, drop me a line.

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