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Highlights from the bad-word regex list I’m working on: – Joe Murphy

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Highlights from the bad-word regex list I’m working on:

Today I put together the first draft of the regular expressions that will filter out bad words in the comments in a future commenting system. The variations are pulled from more than three years of comments + bad words on The Denver Post’s article commenting system.

These are the highlights:

  1. (CHAI|TE?E?A?)[ -]?B.*(A|U).*G.*G?(E.*R|I.*N.*G?|E.*D)?.*S?
  2. d(i|1|\|)ck(less|head|wad|weed)?
  3. (m(o|u)th(a|er))?(F|PH)[aeiouv\-\.\*':@]+.*C?.*K(E?R?S?|I?N?G?|FACE|HEAD)
  4. (jack|bad|dumb|fat)?(a|@).*[\$sz8x].*[\$sz8x].*e?.*(\$|s|z)?
  5. (dip|dog|chicken)?[\$s]?.*h.*[i\|1!-@a]+.*t(ty|t|head|eating)?s?

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  1. Shawn said

    Would you be willing to share or sell this list? We are a game development company and are in need of this sort of list.

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