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What the heck: the still-relevant links I tweeted on @joemurph in 2010

I kept on going last night, and put together the better links I tweeted in 2010:

  1. a good summary of what happens to your database app over time
  2. Oooooooh: JQuery Sparklines
  3. Also, if you think you’re pretty good [at converting hex vals to colors], try this
  4. Ooof — Chicago’s WGN news team gets the continent wrong in its #worldcup coverage
  5. is “a personal policy that all email responses regardless of recipient or subject will be five sentences or less.”
  6. Is Structured Data like Text or like Code?
  7. Here are 3 shell scripts to catch passive voice, weasel words and more
  8. News organizations should think about cooperating not just on stories but on taxonomies
  9. The @WSJ wrote a fascinating (well, to me) piece about who’s making $$$ scraping data on the web
  10. I sent this out to the folk on HackerNews: What would you do with a newspaper-dot-com’s built-in audience?
  11. @michelleminkoff wrote a quality post on structured data and news
  12. A Jeff Jarvis post from 2005, “Journalism 2010″
  13. Here’s a @HackerNews thread talking about the various tools to build charts with javascript and markup
  14. Analyzing data is the future for journalists, says @timberners_lee
  15. Best practice for journalists blogging and/or responding to comments on
  16. text snippets on the command line! BOOM!

See 2011′s list of links here.

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