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What the heck: the still-relevant links I tweeted on @joemurph in 2010 – Joe Murphy

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What the heck: the still-relevant links I tweeted on @joemurph in 2010

I kept on going last night, and put together the better links I tweeted in 2010:

  1. a good summary of what happens to your database app over time
  2. Oooooooh: JQuery Sparklines
  3. Also, if you think you’re pretty good [at converting hex vals to colors], try this
  4. Ooof — Chicago’s WGN news team gets the continent wrong in its #worldcup coverage
  5. http://five.sentenc.es is “a personal policy that all email responses regardless of recipient or subject will be five sentences or less.”
  6. Is Structured Data like Text or like Code?
  7. Here are 3 shell scripts to catch passive voice, weasel words and more
  8. News organizations should think about cooperating not just on stories but on taxonomies
  9. The @WSJ wrote a fascinating (well, to me) piece about who’s making $$$ scraping data on the web
  10. I sent this out to the folk on HackerNews: What would you do with a newspaper-dot-com’s built-in audience?
  11. @michelleminkoff wrote a quality post on structured data and news
  12. A Jeff Jarvis post from 2005, “Journalism 2010″
  13. Here’s a @HackerNews thread talking about the various tools to build charts with javascript and markup
  14. Analyzing data is the future for journalists, says @timberners_lee
  15. Best practice for journalists blogging and/or responding to comments on guardian.co.uk
  16. text snippets on the command line! BOOM!

See 2011′s list of links here.

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