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Ideas – Joe Murphy

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Category Archives: Ideas

  1. Great explanation of the Washington Posts’ Homicide Watch site in CJR: May 31, 2012

    Posted in Ideas, Snippets.

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  2. A few things I’d like to see local news sites publish November 18, 2009

    Posted in Ideas, Internet, Journalism, Local, Observations, Online, Participants, Step Away From The Article, Storytelling, Themes.

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  3. Amen, Chris Amico: On finding local, place-based news feeds December 21, 2008

    Posted in Ideas, Industry, Journalism, Local, Location, Observations, Online, Practice, Storytelling, Themes.

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  4. way back from 1999: A New Media Tells Different Stories June 26, 2008

    Posted in Good Reads, Ideas, Industry, Internet, Observations.

  5. Thinking about a new product? Think about your article page’s needs. January 7, 2008

    Posted in Ideas, Industry, Journalism, Observations, On The Job, Online, Practice, Step Away From The Article, Storytelling, Themes, Tips.

  6. Saving money, newspaper style July 17, 2007

    Posted in Business, Ideas, Industry, Observations, Practice.

  7. Filters / Information June 13, 2007

    Posted in Ideas, Snippets, Storytelling.

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  8. Poynter and the most-popular vs. most-read articles April 2, 2007

    Posted in Ideas, Journalism, New Filters, Online, Storytelling.

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  9. What is “Local”? January 8, 2007

    Posted in Ideas, Journalism, Storytelling.

  10. I like this what-if: The new news beats December 11, 2006

    Posted in Ideas, Journalism, Online, Storytelling, Themes, What If?.

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