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Category Archives: Local

  1. A few things I’d like to see local news sites publish November 18, 2009

    Posted in Ideas, Internet, Journalism, Local, Observations, Online, Participants, Step Away From The Article, Storytelling, Themes.

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  2. How to get your local online news site off the ground, in seven steps March 23, 2009

    Posted in Community, Local, News Orgs, Participants, Storytelling, Web Development.

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  3. Amen, Chris Amico: On finding local, place-based news feeds December 21, 2008

    Posted in Ideas, Industry, Journalism, Local, Location, Observations, Online, Practice, Storytelling, Themes.

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  4. The Onion is getting in on the local online entertainment market November 13, 2008

    Posted in Industry, Local, Magazine, Online, Participants, Storytelling.

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  5. Just launched the Colorado Guide, the Denver Post’s first Django-powered site May 20, 2008

    Posted in Local, Portfolio, Site Stuff, Web Development.

  6. Twitter-based local web apps are another way newsrooms can use twitter February 28, 2008

    Posted in Journalism, Local, Online.

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  7. A few thoughts and ideas on local web apps January 22, 2008

    Posted in Journalism, Local, Online, Storytelling, Stuff You Can Use.

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  8. Flickr introduces placed-based sections, and man, it sure looks great November 21, 2007

    Posted in Industry, Internet, Local, Practice, Storytelling.

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  9. Getting local, getting small: Two sites doing the small-and-local thing well November 14, 2007

    Posted in Journalism, Local, Online, Practice, Step Away From The Article, Storytelling, Themes.

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