Rockies Misery Index

The story of the Colorado Rockies’ 2015 season was a story of woe. You could tell it early on. The Denver Post’s sports department wanted to tell that story online, and told me they wanted a “Rockies Misery Index.”

I put together the concept: Every “bad thing” that happened to the Rockies would be given a score between 1 and 10. Add up all the bad things for a day, plus a fraction of the bad things that happened in the days before, and you get the Misery Index. We can visualize it with a chart and a graphic: For each whole point of misery, let’s put a tear somewhere on an illustration of the Rockies mascot, Dinger.

To do this, we used a Google Sheets- and python-powered back-end with a custom d3, javascript and html front-end. The graphics department contributed the illustration and the tears.

View the Misery Index code here, and the 2016 Misery Index here.