Wrangling the data out of the congressional quarterly FEC reports

With code examples. Lots of code examples

By Joe Murphy

First published

This week I helped put together data on what fundraising particular candidates and members of congress had done in the latest (April quarterly) reporting period. It wasn't just me, though, I had help.

And to repay that help, and help other people who may find themselves tasked with collecting FEC data and not really knowing where to start, I hope this piece will be of some use.

This will be most useful to you if you have a handful to a big old group of candidates that you want to pull quarterly financial information for.

A roundup of the FEC data products

The efilings RSS feeds

I was interested in getting the quarterly financials as soon as they were published. To that end, the FEC's RSS feeds, which contain a week's worth of filings, were the best solution.


The bulk files

The bulk files update once a day, and aren't always correct.


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