Joe Murphy’s portfolio


The opioid graveyard

A screenshot of the opioid graveyard interactive

Custom javascript and CSS animation guides the reader through this Staten Island graveyard.

Scroll-and-highlight map

A detail from a screenshot of a map

A custom map that highlights new information as the reader scrolls through a part of the article.

Filterable map

A screenshot of a map marked with mass shootings in the last five years

Readers can filter and permalink the mass shootings map by location and severity of the shooting.

José Reyes salary calculator

A screenshot of the Jose Reyes salary calculator

A live-updating calculator of how much highly-paid star MLB shortstop José Reyes made during his suspension from team play.

Map quizzes

The share image for the South Korea map quiz

Front- and back-end functionality that creates a "given an unmarked map, do you know where this particular country / territory / state is?" game.

Mets Misery Index

A screenshot of the top of the Mets Misery Index

A Google Sheets-powered one-page app that allows the sports editors to quantify the New York Mets’ misery on a day-by-day basis.


Denver Post election results

A screenshot of the Denver Post's election results site

An election results site that handles input from multiple sources and organizes the results for maximum search engine index-ability.


NYC Parks Department site scrape

A screenshot of the scraped site

Scrape a multi-page website with python, turn it into a spreadsheet the reporter turned into a story.