Joe Murphy’s portfolio

Data & analysis

School shooting tracker

A screenshot of part of the NBC News school shooting tracker

NBC News, in the lack of federal movement on the topic, created a criteria for and started tracking school shootings in the wake of the Sandy Hook massacre. We took that data and built an app around it.

Mariah Carey song analysis

A screenshot of multiple yearly calendars, with days colored green when there was an above-average number of listens to Mariah Carey's song All I Want For Christmas Is You

I obtained, analyzed, visualized and reported on 15 years of listenership data for Mariah Carey's ubiquitous Christmas jingle, "All I Want For Christmas Is You."

Covid deaths analysis

A screenshot of a chart showing how the share of Covid deaths by race changed since the start of the pandemic.

NBC News looked at how Covid deaths changed from the start of the pandemic through to October 2021. This is what was found.

Analysis of high and low temperatures across the U.S.

A screenshot of a dashboard showing data for a weather station.

There was a pattern between how often record high temperatures were set vs. the number of record low temperatures. Our analysis showed that pattern is changing, and our reporting showed that was due to a warming planet.

NYC Parks Department site scrape and analysis

A screenshot of the scraped site

Scrape a multi-page website with python, turn it into a spreadsheet the reporter turned into a story.


Browser plugin to ease graphic-finding among editors

A screenshot of the plugin as it appears on right-click

I made a small plugin that makes it easier for editors to find the URL of embedded graphics in NBC News articles.

Heat vulnerability map

A screenshot of a map showing census tracts in Denver Colorado's vulnerability to extreme heat.

Built an accessible interactive map with custom tilesets that lets readers drill down to community heat vulnerability data on the census tract level.

Flickr and its facial recognition database

A screenshot of the flickr username lookup widget

Analyzed two 50GB datasets of user and photo metadata and figured out a way to publish pieces of its contents without compromising the privacy of those in it.

Mets Misery Index

A screenshot of the top of the Mets Misery Index

A Google Sheets-powered one-page app that allows the sports editors to quantify the New York Mets’ misery on a day-by-day basis.

Map quizzes

The share image for the South Korea map quiz

Front- and back-end functionality that creates a "given an unmarked map, do you know where this particular country / territory / state is?" game.

José Reyes salary calculator

A screenshot of the Jose Reyes salary calculator

A live-updating calculator of how much highly-paid star MLB shortstop José Reyes made during his suspension from team play.

Filterable map

A screenshot of a map marked with mass shootings in the last five years

Readers can filter and permalink the mass shootings map by location and severity of the shooting.


Confessions sites

A screenshot of the top of the Coronavirus Confessions site

We built a repeatable site that lets readers write in "confessions."

Denver Post election results

A screenshot of the Denver Post's election results site

An election results site that handles input from multiple sources and organizes the results for maximum search engine index-ability.